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The Lambda Coder focuses on personalised coaching for every student's best learning

Maximum trainer:student ratio of 1:4

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Learning how to read and write codes will be important not only for people in the tech industry

Take a step towards an increasingly digitised and "Smart-Nation" with The Lambda Coder today!


Say goodbye to rote learning and embrace real-world problem solving

The Lambda Coder brings across computational thinking concepts and algorithms in an easy-to-digest curriculum

What can you learn at The Lambda Coder?

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  • Block-based coding language
  • Fun and creative way to introduce beginners
  • Using animation and games

Through Scratch, one can expect to learn the basics of programming including logic, arithmetics, iterations, concepts, abstract concepts.


  • High-level, text-based coding language
  • Versatile and Flexible
  • Easy-to-read Syntax
  • One of the most used language for developers, data scientists, software engineers and even hackers

With the proper training and knowledge, the uses of Python is endless. From building web pages and games to big-data analysis and machine learning. It is definitely a transferable knowledge with its widespread usage.

The Lambda Coder, learn to code, programming, coding, learn programming

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The Lambda Coder believes in keeping all information regarding our programming courses transparent so you can make an informed choice.

We sincerely hope to nurture students and guide as they venture into the realm of programming and computational thinking.

Check out some of the things you will be learning with The Lambda Coder!

Take a look at some of the exciting scratch and python projects which you or your child will be coding and undertaking at The Lambda Coder through our personalised coaching curriculum.

Learn the basic concepts and computational thinking required to understand and ultimately program these projects, and more, from scratch!

The Lambda Coder, learn to code, programming, coding, learn programming

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