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The Lambda Coder (Programming) - Your Educational Building Blocks

Take a look at some of the exciting scratch and python projects which you or your child will be coding and undertaking at The Lambda Coder through our personalised coaching curriculum.

Learn the basic concepts and computational thinking required to understand and ultimately program these projects, and more, from scratch!


100m 2-player Racing Game

Scratch Racing Game

- Press Space bar to start
- Player 1 controls: A and D buttons
- Player 2 controls: Left and Right buttons

Bats Invasion Game

Bats Invasion Scratch Game

- Press Space bar to shoot
- Don't let any bats past you!

Moon Exploration Animation

Moon Exploration Animation Scratch Programming TheLambdaCoder
Join us on a journey to the moon!


First Lesson

Course content for the first lesson

Introducing python and programming concepts.
We bring across the basics of programming and the ideas of variable types together with the basic usage of jupyter notebook
The functionality of such basics goes a long way from doing simple arithmetics to building fully functional scripts.

Web Scrapper

Case Study: Data collection for analysing factors affecting property prices

Data required: All rental listings with prices, amenities, features, description etc.

Data was collected (scrapped) from major property listing websites with an automated script using Python. Collected data is then consolidated and tidied up with Pandas library.

This allows the generation of data at the click of a script, producing data in a quick and efficient way for further use and analysis.

Machine Learning

Case Study: Predict categories of items based on their given pictures

Approach: Unsupervised machine learning

The pictures were first translated into machine-readable codes and built. Then they were fitted into a transferred learning model (Densenet121) using pytorch framework to build the model. Using this model, new pictures were categorised into their correct categories with an accuracy rate of >75%